You have the brilliant idea but have no one to design it?

Maybe you have both but need a company to manage the the process from the feasibility study through the prototype and the final documentation till the marketing management?

Than we are the solution for you.

We are a bunch of creatives, design engineers and businessfolks held together by our passion for fresh ideas and daring products.


If you are a retailer and have a great idea that needs designing and developing, look no further. If you already have a design it just needs to become a product the we can help you with our feasibility reports, prototype development, 0 series and documentation.


If you are a designer looking for a manufacturer and product management team or development services we are here to make your product happen. Our research service and development process can make your great idea viable in the right market.


If you are a manufacturer who just need a great idea or design our design team can spice up your product line. Our research and documentation services will leave you with an easily reproducable product that will maximise your profit.




Weather you have a ready design or just an idea at hand our research can point out the ergonomic and economic advantages and disadvantages of the product. It would also look into weather it is marketable, viable or even producible.


A great design is should be optimised between durability, quality, cheap production and easy packaging solutions. Our experienced design team can help redesign your plans for the best possible version for production.

Prototype Development

An innovative product design often requires an expensive and long prototype manufacturing process. To avoid running out of budget or time we can optimise this process by our expertise.


Our research team can develop the price calculation for the final product so there will be no surplices when marketing begins. After the prototype produced we can prepare the full documentation of your design and the specification for manufacturing.

0 series

The first line production of the final product that can be tested throughout all areas of expectations. Depending on the product type the numb of fist line can differ. It includes the different finish or even upholstery options.

Production and celebration

Once the first line product have been tested an delivered to all expectation there will be nothing left but press the start button on mass production with a minimum amount of 1000 item.


If you have the idea..

…but don’t have the resources, neither financially or infrastructure wise then submit your  work and lets bring on the best outcome possible.

If you have great a design…

…but need a manufacturer or investor who believes in your product just as much as you do we can be the rift platform for you.

If  you have design skill…

…but you havent had the chance to use the in real life project our intern program could be just right for you.

Chair illustration competition
We are calling out the most creative illustrators and designers.

If you think your drawings would look great on our ‘Andy’ chair don’t hesitate to apply! Send us your draft of your scribbles and tell us how you image it to work.